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ARITA PLASTICS has found that "Plastics", is still a huge market to be in.

Due to many factors and environmental considerations, Plastics, this material has become a very important part in manufacturing sector to be produced into various products in supplying to the market.

In the latest trend of materials usage, PLASTICS is now replacing wood, metal and other materials to be considered more environmental friendly. 
It is so durable that will not rot or decay as do natural products such as wood.

e.g. Tray Pallet
• Meet the strength- to-weight ratio
• Light Weight
• Cost Saving
• Water Resistance
• Termite Resistance
• Inexpensive
• an alternative to a wood pallet.

Market application
• Advertising Industry, 
• Lighting Industry, 
• Automotive Industry, 
• Furniture Industry, 
• Technology Industry, 
• Construction Industry, 
• Architecture Building Industry, 
• Electrical Industry, 
• Packaging Industry,& Many Other General Industries